After Effects | Magnum 3.3 Win/Mac | AEscripts | Free Download!!!

Automatic edits in footage detector. Now with an all new detection engine that is easier to use and gives better results. The detection engine in new version is updated, making it simpler and smarter.


  • Over 2x quicker in CC2019
  • All types of footage work well with new detection engine
  • Visual change threshold setting is simpler
  • Compensate for dissolves has search range included
  • Spreadsheet data in thumbnail export has optional choices
  • Naming options can be deeply customized
  • NEW: Common scene color detection, with using the first frame of the preceding edit for cut reference option
  • NEW: Resulting clips trimming
  • NEW: easy-to-use refactored UI

Options after detection process:

  • Split into new layers: The selected layer is split into different layers at every edit.
  • Trimmed pre-comps: The layer is split and pre-comped into a comp that has the same length as the split layer.
  • Full-length pre-comps: The layer is split and pre-comped into a comp that has the same length as the original comp.
  • Trimmed adjustment layers: Create a new adjustment layer which has the length as every detected edit or scene.
  • Place markers on layer: Create and place markers at every detected scene point.
  • Save thumbnails for each cut/marker: Export a thumbnail for the selected layers. If you don’t select any layers, all will be selected.

Tutorial Video:

DOWNLOAD: – AE Srcipt – Magnum 3.3.rar   (download)
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