Download FREE Precomp Anchor Repo v1.0+ Tutorial Videos which costs $35 from Aescripts market –  Adjust layer anchor points and positions relative to layer, composition, or parent area.

It Works with multi-leveled precomps + masks + track mattes + expressions + more

Precomp Anchor Repo
70.04 MB
Precomp Anchor Repo Files

How to install and activate?

Step 1. Copy the Precomp Anchor Repo.jsxbin file to the AE script directory:
Win:…Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\
Mac: Applications\Adobe After Effects CC\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\
Step 2. Open the AE software settings, check the box to allow the script to read, write, and access the network.
Win: Edit – Preferences – General
Mac: After Effects CC – Preferences – General
Step 3. You can see the Precomp Anchor Repo script in the window window menu at the top of the software.