This share will be Aescripts – Shape Up v1.04 Full version + Tutorial video. With use of this plugin, you can Define your Shapes layers before adding them to your comp in After Effects.

By the following great features, I assume that this plugin is more worth than $19:

  • The plugin let user to Preview your shape & composition
  • User have Five shape families to choose from: ellipse, rectangle, horizontal lines, vertical lines, polygons + stars
  • By use of this plugin, Ae user can Quickly set the anchor position and alignment to your comp within the preview
  • Further more, it is quick and easy to Create shapes at the top / bottom of your layer stack or above / below a selected layer
  • The plugin designed with features to Set size, position, stroke width, rounding, amount of copies and points, inner width, inner rounding for polygons/stars
  • And more


Shape Up   (download)
62.57 MB

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