In this topic, we share – Music Collection ( August 2019), all tracks originally downloaded from, so are free to upload into Youtube, Facebook and any other sites.

Content source:

Air by Assaf Ayalon Artlist-.pdf  (346.67 KB)
air-_by_assaf-ayalon_Artlist-.wav  (33.37 MB)
All That I Want by The Lighthearts Artlist-.pdf  (382.09 KB)
all-that-i-want_by_the-lighthearts_Artlist-.wav  (33.02 MB)
Another Round of Glory by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (270.67 KB)
another-round-of-glory_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (29.75 MB)
Asphalt by Panth Lab Artlist-.pdf  (257.66 KB)
asphalt_by_panth-lab_Artlist-.wav  (45.74 MB)
Ballerina by Yehezkel Raz Artlist-.pdf  (321.94 KB)
ballerina_by_yehezkel-raz_Artlist-.wav  (12.14 MB)
Beach Party by Anton Vlasov Artlist-.pdf  (322.09 KB)
beach-party_by_anton-vlasov_Artlist-.wav  (24.61 MB)
Believe the Hype by SLPSTRM Artlist-.pdf  (304.00 KB)
believe-it-or-not_by_john-isaac_Artlist-.wav  (29.08 MB)
believe-the-hype_by_slpstrm_Artlist-.wav  (39.54 MB)
Believer by Loya Artlist-.pdf  (262.96 KB)
believer_by_loya_Artlist-.wav  (48.82 MB)
Better Now by Philip Daniel Zach Artlist-.pdf  (311.32 KB)
better-now_by_philip-daniel-zach_Artlist-.wav  (61.79 MB)
Birds of Prey by Swirling Ship Artlist-.pdf  (287.61 KB)
birds-of-prey_by_swirling-ship_Artlist-.wav  (21.49 MB)
Blossom by Stanley Gurvich Artlist-.pdf  (303.13 KB)
blossom_by_stanley-gurvich_Artlist-.wav  (20.35 MB)
Born Again – Instrumental Version by Michael Shynes Artlist-.pdf  (347.93 KB)
Born Again by Michael Shynes Artlist-.pdf  (347.93 KB)
born-again—instrumental-version_by_michael-shynes_Artlist-.wav  (28.95 MB)
born-again_by_michael-shynes_Artlist-.wav  (28.95 MB)
Boundary by Kevin Graham Artlist-.pdf  (278.97 KB)
boundary_by_kevin-graham_Artlist-.wav  (35.00 MB)
Brainstorm by Rex Banner Artlist-.pdf  (321.76 KB)
brainstorm_by_rex-banner_Artlist-.wav  (33.58 MB)
Breakthrough by Lalinea Artlist-.pdf  (291.42 KB)
breakthrough_by_lalinea_Artlist-.wav  (27.98 MB)
Brighter Days by Logan Pilcher Artlist-.pdf  (384.81 KB)
brighter-days_by_logan-pilcher_Artlist-.wav  (34.91 MB)
brotherhood_by_young-rich-pixies_Artlist-.wav  (20.38 MB)
brown-skin_by_anton-vlasov_Artlist-.wav  (22.21 MB)
Bugs by Curtis Cole Artlist-.pdf  (296.83 KB)
bugs_by_curtis-cole_Artlist-.wav  (23.99 MB)
Burdens – No Lead Vocals by Derek Gust Artlist-.pdf  (325.01 KB)
Burdens by Derek Gust Artlist-.pdf  (325.01 KB)
burdens—no-lead-vocals_by_derek-gust_Artlist-.wav  (40.34 MB)
burdens_by_derek-gust_Artlist-.wav  (40.34 MB)
calgary_by_fjodor_Artlist-.wav  (17.50 MB)
Celebration – Extended Version by Zac Nelson Artlist-.pdf  (290.07 KB)
Celebration – Short Version by Zac Nelson Artlist-.pdf  (290.07 KB)
celebration—extended-version_by_zac-nelson_Artlist-.wav  (30.44 MB)
celebration—short-version_by_zac-nelson_Artlist-.wav  (9.91 MB)
Check Your Wallet by Anton Vlasov Artlist-.pdf  (304.21 KB)
check-your-wallet_by_anton-vlasov_Artlist-.wav  (25.21 MB)
Cheesecake by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (305.21 KB)
cheesecake_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (27.98 MB)
Christmas Tree by Borrtex Artlist-.pdf  (310.01 KB)
christmas-tree_by_borrtex_Artlist-.wav  (18.77 MB)
Circle by Luke Melville Artlist-.pdf  (305.38 KB)
circle_by_luke-melville_Artlist-.wav  (27.07 MB)
Circus Clown by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (284.12 KB)
circus-clown_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (29.97 MB)
Clarity by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (263.21 KB)
Clarity in the Mist by Crop for the Village Artlist-.pdf  (271.15 KB)
clarity-in-the-mist_by_crop-for-the-village_Artlist-.wav  (27.25 MB)
clarity_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (20.46 MB)
Come True by A.M. Beef Artlist-.pdf  (315.64 KB)
come-true_by_am-beef_Artlist-.wav  (39.88 MB)
Coming for You – No Back Vocals by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (284.38 KB)
coming-for-you—no-back-vocals_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (37.41 MB)
Continent by ANBR Artlist-.pdf  (388.41 KB)
continent_by_anbr_Artlist-.wav  (15.14 MB)
Cookie Dough by Egozi Artlist-.pdf  (336.66 KB)
cookie-dough_by_egozi_Artlist-.wav  (29.25 MB)
Creative Touch by Stanley Gurvich Artlist-.pdf  (309.33 KB)
creative-touch_by_stanley-gurvich_Artlist-.wav  (15.31 MB)
Creature by Evolv Artlist-.pdf  (351.50 KB)
creature_by_evolv_Artlist-.wav  (26.48 MB)
Dawn Chorus by Racoon Racoon Artlist-.pdf  (338.69 KB)
dawn-chorus_by_racoon-racoon_Artlist-.wav  (38.10 MB)
Deep Breath by FASSounds Artlist-.pdf  (348.08 KB)
deep-breath_by_fassounds_Artlist-.wav  (31.16 MB)
Do the Math by SLPSTRM Artlist-.pdf  (303.95 KB)
do-the-math_by_slpstrm_Artlist-.wav  (32.20 MB)
dont-stand-a-chance—instrumental-version_by_ofrin_Artlist-.wav  (40.91 MB)
Don_t Stand a Chance – Instrumental Version by OFRIN Artlist-.pdf  (313.71 KB)
Dream by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (284.88 KB)
dream-the-world_by_john-isaac_Artlist-.wav  (49.38 MB)
dream-_by_tom-goldstein_Artlist-.wav  (45.30 MB)
dream_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (38.78 MB)
Drive – Short Version by Zac Nelson Artlist-.pdf  (276.71 KB)
drive—short-version_by_zac-nelson_Artlist-.wav  (5.18 MB)
driving_by_michael-shynes_Artlist-.wav  (36.58 MB)
Driving_License_32060120192020-.pdf  (272.71 KB)
DuDa by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (305.03 KB)
duda_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (31.32 MB)
El Monte by Luke Melville Artlist-.pdf  (305.53 KB)
el-monte-_by_luke-melville_Artlist-.wav  (24.04 MB)
Expand by Michael Vignola Artlist-.pdf  (330.51 KB)
expand_by_michael-vignola_Artlist-.wav  (32.61 MB)
Facebook by Swirling Ship Artlist-.pdf  (287.39 KB)
facebook_by_swirling-ship_Artlist-.wav  (13.50 MB)
Foliage by Lior Seker Artlist-.pdf  (327.73 KB)
foliage_by_lior-seker_Artlist-.wav  (25.02 MB)
Freedom by Rex Banner Artlist-.pdf  (282.78 KB)
freedom_by_rex-banner_Artlist-.wav  (13.68 MB)
Friends on the Way by Assaf Ayalon Artlist-.pdf  (273.75 KB)
friends-on-the-way_by_assaf-ayalon_Artlist-.wav  (25.26 MB)
Funster by Young Rich Pixies Artlist-.pdf  (286.02 KB)
funster_by_young-rich-pixies_Artlist-.wav  (26.83 MB)
Future by Buzo Artlist-.pdf  (278.45 KB)
future_by_buzo_Artlist-.wav  (40.51 MB)
Getaway by Oliver Michael Artlist-.pdf  (260.06 KB)
getaway_by_oliver-michael_Artlist-.wav  (24.42 MB)
Glow – Instrumental Version by Sajan Nauriyal Artlist-.pdf  (270.52 KB)
glow—instrumental-version_by_sajan-nauriyal_Artlist-.wav  (36.06 MB)
Go by Christopher Young Artlist-.pdf  (314.16 KB)
Good to Be Alive by John Isaac Artlist-.pdf  (272.30 KB)
good-to-be-alive_by_john-isaac_Artlist-.wav  (33.74 MB)
go_by_christopher-young_Artlist-.wav  (42.04 MB)
Hands and Hearts by Katrina Stone Artlist-.pdf  (325.74 KB)
hands-and-hearts_by_katrina-stone_Artlist-.wav  (32.54 MB)
Head in Water by Assaf Ayalon Artlist-.pdf  (347.13 KB)
Head over Heels by Paper Planes Artlist-.pdf  (282.05 KB)
head-in-water_by_assaf-ayalon_Artlist-.wav  (28.83 MB)
head-over-heels_by_paper-planes_Artlist-.wav  (13.86 MB)
Hell Yeah by Ride Free Artlist-.pdf  (316.49 KB)
hell-yeah_by_ride-free_Artlist-.wav  (24.42 MB)
Hipnosis by Tomas Novoa Artlist-.pdf  (344.54 KB)
hipnosis_by_tomas-novoa_Artlist-.wav  (27.21 MB)
Home by Michael Vignola Artlist-.pdf  (401.81 KB)
home_by_michael-vignola_Artlist-.wav  (8.86 MB)
honest-man—instrumental-version_by_moon_Artlist-.wav  (34.18 MB)
Honey Mood by Ziv Moran Artlist-.pdf  (281.02 KB)
honey-mood_by_ziv-moran_Artlist-.wav  (29.63 MB)
I Get Up by John Isaac Artlist-.pdf  (312.67 KB)
I Heard It in a Dream by Jay Denton Artlist-.pdf  (361.59 KB)
I Love You by Michael FK Artlist-.pdf  (297.73 KB)
I Need You by Def Manic Artlist-.pdf  (292.37 KB)
i-get-up_by_john-isaac_Artlist-.wav  (38.01 MB)
i-heard-it-in-a-dream_by_jay-denton_Artlist-.wav  (31.01 MB)
i-love-you_by_michael-fk_Artlist-.wav  (49.79 MB)
i-need-you_by_def-manic_Artlist-.wav  (34.08 MB)
Impacts by Curtis Cole Artlist-.pdf  (297.07 KB)
impacts_by_curtis-cole_Artlist-.wav  (36.90 MB)
In a Dream – Instrumental Version by Mika Sade Artlist-.pdf  (293.31 KB)
In a Dream by Mika Sade Artlist-.pdf  (293.31 KB)
in-a-dream—instrumental-version_by_mika-sade_Artlist-.wav  (27.89 MB)
in-a-dream_by_mika-sade_Artlist-.wav  (27.89 MB)
in-testa—remix-version_by_syncro_Artlist-.wav  (42.87 MB)
incandescent-with-passion_by_cody-martin_Artlist-.wav  (57.08 MB)
Inhalation – Short Version B by Ziv Moran Artlist-.pdf  (287.49 KB)
inhalation—short-version-b_by_ziv-moran_Artlist-.wav  (7.87 MB)
Jack Son Samba by Yanivi Artlist-.pdf  (327.64 KB)
jack-son-samba_by_yanivi_Artlist-.wav  (15.05 MB)
jesse-james-style_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (34.69 MB)
Joking Together by Michele Nobler Artlist-.pdf  (267.88 KB)
joking-together_by_michele-nobler_Artlist-.wav  (20.90 MB)
Kaleidoscope by Ethan Rank Artlist-.pdf  (290.49 KB)
kaleidoscope_by_ethan-rank_Artlist-.wav  (31.37 MB)
kill-that-beat_by_jan-baars_Artlist-.wav  (21.51 MB)
Land Called Fantasy by Ziv Moran Artlist-.pdf  (299.89 KB)
land-called-fantasy_by_ziv-moran_Artlist-.wav  (33.74 MB)
lay-it-out_by_alek-angelov_Artlist-.wav  (33.74 MB)
Lila – Instrumental Version by Rodello_s Machine Artlist-.pdf  (393.52 KB)
lila—instrumental-version_by_rodellos-machine_Artlist-.wav  (32.06 MB)
Lost in Your Memory by Michael FK Artlist-.pdf  (260.95 KB)
lost-in-your-memory_by_michael-fk_Artlist-.wav  (42.18 MB)
Love on Fire – Instrumental Version by Duce Williams Artlist-.pdf  (309.62 KB)
love-on-fire—instrumental-version_by_duce-williams_Artlist-.wav  (19.47 MB)
Make My Love Your Home – Instrumental Version by The Days Artlist-.pdf  (327.38 KB)
Moments to Remember by Josh Leake Artlist-.pdf  (310.95 KB)
moments-to-remember_by_josh-leake_Artlist-.wav  (35.52 MB)
morning-chill_by_adi-levi_Artlist-.wav  (36.19 MB)
Moving On – Instrumental Version by Jay Denton Artlist-.pdf  (327.72 KB)
moving-on—instrumental-version_by_jay-denton_Artlist-.wav  (30.37 MB)
Muted by Michael Vignola Artlist-.pdf  (364.17 KB)
muted_by_michael-vignola_Artlist-.wav  (29.48 MB)
My House by W A T E R F V L L S Artlist-.pdf  (340.27 KB)
My Man by Russo and Weinberg Artlist-.pdf  (293.36 KB)
My Vacation by Anton Vlasov Artlist-.pdf  (321.69 KB)
my-house_by_w-a-t-e-r-f-v-l-l-s_Artlist-.wav  (28.35 MB)
my-man_by_russo-and-weinberg_Artlist-.wav  (22.39 MB)
my-vacation_by_anton-vlasov_Artlist-.wav  (24.93 MB)
Nebulae by Alek Angelov Artlist-.pdf  (342.19 KB)
nebulae_by_alek-angelov_Artlist-.wav  (34.06 MB)
Not Today by Saint Anyway Artlist-.pdf  (376.72 KB)
not-today_by_saint-anyway_Artlist-.wav  (37.09 MB)
Our Summer by Anton Vlasov Artlist-.pdf  (313.89 KB)
our-summer_by_anton-vlasov_Artlist-.wav  (21.49 MB)
Overdrive by Anton Vlasov Artlist-.pdf  (297.84 KB)
overdrive_by_anton-vlasov_Artlist-.wav  (27.81 MB)
Oxygen by Logan Pilcher Artlist-.pdf  (384.46 KB)
oxygen_by_logan-pilcher_Artlist-.wav  (30.52 MB)
Pivot by Zac Nelson Artlist-.pdf  (276.74 KB)
pivot_by_zac-nelson_Artlist-.wav  (27.99 MB)
Portal by Oliver Michael Artlist-.pdf  (260.07 KB)
portal_by_oliver-michael_Artlist-.wav  (27.38 MB)
Present Moment 1 – Alternative Version by Borrtex Artlist-.pdf  (307.63 KB)
Present Moment 2 – Alternative Version by Borrtex Artlist-.pdf  (307.69 KB)
present-moment-1—alternative-version_by_borrtex_Artlist-.wav  (12.19 MB)
present-moment-2—alternative-version_by_borrtex_Artlist-.wav  (8.99 MB)
Promise – Instrumental Version by Kolby Knickerbocker Artlist-.pdf  (280.72 KB)
promise—instrumental-version_by_kolby-knickerbocker_Artlist-.wav  (16.26 MB)
Psycho by Loya Artlist-.pdf  (290.03 KB)
psycho_by_loya_Artlist-.wav  (13.57 MB)
Purple by VESHZA Artlist-.pdf  (312.42 KB)
purple_by_veshza_Artlist-.wav  (24.79 MB)
Rainbows. by Eyal Raz Artlist-.pdf  (307.11 KB)
rainbows_by_eyal-raz_Artlist-.wav  (19.11 MB)
Ready for the Road – Instrumental Version by TC Benjamin Artlist-.pdf  (285.51 KB)
ready-for-the-road—instrumental-version_by_tc-benjamin_Artlist-.wav  (31.14 MB)
Rebirth by Ziv Moran Artlist-.pdf  (281.19 KB)
rebirth_by_ziv-moran_Artlist-.wav  (49.70 MB)
Red Moon by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (361.78 KB)
red-moon_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (17.50 MB)
Revelations by Tristan Barton Artlist-.pdf  (377.11 KB)
revelations_by_tristan-barton_Artlist-.wav  (36.72 MB)
Rio by Young Rich Pixies Artlist-.pdf  (293.04 KB)
rio_by_young-rich-pixies_Artlist-.wav  (27.72 MB)
Roots by Josh Leake Artlist-.pdf  (278.20 KB)
roots_by_josh-leake_Artlist-.wav  (21.96 MB)
Run, Don_t Walk by Josh Leake Artlist-.pdf  (311.07 KB)
run-dont-walk_by_josh-leake_Artlist-.wav  (28.29 MB)
Sat Night by Yanivi Artlist-.pdf  (295.05 KB)
sat-night_by_yanivi_Artlist-.wav  (41.05 MB)
Seven Wonders by Ziv Moran Artlist-.pdf  (281.21 KB)
seven-wonders_by_ziv-moran_Artlist-.wav  (48.64 MB)
Slap Happy by The High Jynks Artlist-.pdf  (329.69 KB)
slap-happy_by_the-high-jynks_Artlist-.wav  (26.75 MB)
Slow Energy by Young Rich Pixies Artlist-.pdf  (293.24 KB)
slow-energy_by_young-rich-pixies_Artlist-.wav  (22.84 MB)
Snowflakes in the Sun by Russo Artlist-.pdf  (270.33 KB)
snowflakes-in-the-sun_by_russo_Artlist-.wav  (38.90 MB)
Somewhere Behind by Assaf Ayalon Artlist-.pdf  (347.38 KB)
somewhere-behind_by_assaf-ayalon_Artlist-.wav  (24.55 MB)
Stairway to the Stars by Rex Banner Artlist-.pdf  (265.17 KB)
stairway-to-the-stars_by_rex-banner_Artlist-.wav  (12.11 MB)
Stamp It Up by Peter Spacey Artlist-.pdf  (329.20 KB)
stamp-it-up_by_peter-spacey_Artlist-.wav  (22.43 MB)
stand_by_assaf-ayalon_Artlist-.wav  (32.10 MB)
Start Over by LUMINAR Artlist-.pdf  (294.49 KB)
start-over_by_luminar_Artlist-.wav  (48.46 MB)
Stay – Instrumental Version by Russo and Weinberg Artlist-.pdf  (293.40 KB)
Stay by Assaf Ayalon Artlist-.pdf  (346.66 KB)
stay—instrumental-version_by_russo-and-weinberg_Artlist-.wav  (43.20 MB)
stay_by_assaf-ayalon_Artlist-.wav  (36.79 MB)
Still On by Ziv Moran Artlist-.pdf  (281.00 KB)
still-on_by_ziv-moran_Artlist-.wav  (35.92 MB)
Summer Again by Jay Denton Artlist-.pdf  (327.86 KB)
summer-again_by_jay-denton_Artlist-.wav  (31.82 MB)
Sunlapse by Rex Banner Artlist-.pdf  (278.83 KB)
sunlapse_by_rex-banner_Artlist-.wav  (16.92 MB)
Surrender by W A T E R F V L L S Artlist-.pdf  (287.73 KB)
surrender_by_w-a-t-e-r-f-v-l-l-s_Artlist-.wav  (34.33 MB)
Sweet Day – Instrumental Version by Polaris Rose Artlist-.pdf  (331.91 KB)
Sweet Escape by FASSounds Artlist-.pdf  (347.83 KB)
sweet-day—instrumental-version_by_polaris-rose_Artlist-.wav  (22.50 MB)
sweet-escape_by_fassounds_Artlist-.wav  (31.85 MB)
taking-the-leap_by_josh-leake_Artlist-.wav  (37.10 MB)
Thank You for This World by Borrtex Artlist-.pdf  (354.04 KB)
thank-you-for-this-world_by_borrtex_Artlist-.wav  (39.51 MB)
thayten.js  (1.29 KB)
The Future Is Now by MARLOE. Artlist-.pdf  (287.03 KB)
The Isle of Skye by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (303.65 KB)
The Pink Everland by Swirling Ship Artlist-.pdf  (287.49 KB)
the-future-is-now_by_marloe_Artlist-.wav  (35.00 MB)
the-isle-of-skye_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (35.31 MB)
the-pink-everland_by_swirling-ship_Artlist-.wav  (30.63 MB)
the-whisper-man_by_lmop_Artlist-.wav  (19.23 MB)
Time to Move by VESHZA Artlist-.pdf  (312.62 KB)
time-to-move-_by_veshza_Artlist-.wav  (22.59 MB)
Timeless by Buzo Artlist-.pdf  (358.87 KB)
timeless_by_buzo_Artlist-.wav  (34.24 MB)
Training Time by Red City Hero Artlist-.pdf  (406.22 KB)
training-time_by_red-city-hero_Artlist-.wav  (23.03 MB)
Trickster – No Back Vocals by Ian Post Artlist-.pdf  (284.14 KB)
trickster—no-back-vocals_by_ian-post_Artlist-.wav  (29.52 MB)
Trip to Roma by Swirling Ship Artlist-.pdf  (287.50 KB)
trip-to-roma_by_swirling-ship_Artlist-.wav  (32.96 MB)
Waves Crashing by Theevs Artlist-.pdf  (292.57 KB)
waves-crashing_by_theevs_Artlist-.wav  (29.47 MB)
Weekend by Rex Banner Artlist-.pdf  (278.69 KB)
Weekend Runaway by FASSounds Artlist-.pdf  (347.80 KB)
weekend-runaway_by_fassounds_Artlist-.wav  (22.03 MB)
weekend_by_rex-banner_Artlist-.wav  (29.36 MB)
Wings by Tristan Barton Artlist-.pdf  (310.16 KB)
wings_by_tristan-barton_Artlist-.wav  (40.70 MB)
Your Worlds Entire by Linus Johnsson Artlist-.pdf  (275.89 KB)
your-worlds-entire_by_linus-johnsson_Artlist-.wav  (23.27 MB)
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