CreativeLive – Lightroom and Photoshop for Landscape Photography (Photoshop Week 2019) – Free download.

If you are having trouble with landscape image, this course on Lightroom and Photoshop for landscape photography by Randy is exactly the one that can offer help. After this course, you will be surprised to find that you are given the basic and smooth knowledge in how to make your image looking from just OK to brilliant like a professional. The class content is divided into 2 part, in which the first one is where you will learn how to fast-process a photo in Adobe Lightroom and the second one is where you learn to achieve even greater effect in Adobe Photoshop. Also during this course, you are given clear and transparent explanation as well as illustration on a lot of different problems and techniques such as the proper method to process an HDR image, the right and quick way to work with panoramas to put together a light painting image as well as the correct way to use luminosity mask to correct colour and enhance the quality of the images.


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