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In this topic we share Mac version of Adobe After Effects 2018 v15.0 Full version with crack tools: Adobe Zii Patcher 3.0.4, AMTEmu, and amtlib.framework file. Awesome Paid Plugins are shared to download for FREE at the end of the topic.

Adobe Master Collection CC 2018 has released. We shared the Full collection for free in another topic here.

After Effects CC 2018 (version 15.0) is one component of the Adobe Master Collection. This new version now supports for complex VR workflows for an immersive video experience.
System Requirements:

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM (16 GB is recommended)
  • Dispace: 6 GB available harddisk space for installation
  • VGA: 1440×900 display
  • OpenGL 2.0 capable system
  • QuickTime 7.6.6 for QuickTime features
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Processor type(s) & speed: Intel 64-bit processor

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Adobe After Effects CC 2018
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Mac Adobe CC Collection 2018 Crack tools

Each crack tool (Adobe Zii Patcher 3.0.4, AMTEmu, or amtlib.framework) has very specific instruction accompanied. However, we showed step by step how to crack all Adobe Products on Mac in this topic that you may want to take a look on too see the process must be the same on After Effects.

Paid Plugins for Mac Adobe After Effects CC 2018 Download

  • Yanobox Nodes 2.0.3 – unprecedented power to create connected motion graphics and abstract particle universes. Nodes is used by leading artists to create high-end screen graphics in motion pictures like The Avengers, Planet of the Apes and Ender – Download.
  • Red Giant Trapcode Form 3.0.2 – Words dissolve into sand, a logo catches on fire, and now 3D sequences explode into particles. Read more features at Redgiant.
Red Giant Trapcode Form 3.0.2 for After Effects   (download)   (copy file)
617.63 MB
  • NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 + All Bundle for Titler Pro 2.0 – Over 1400 presets in 129 plugins in most comprehensive collection. See more information at Newbluefx.
NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 and All Bundle for Titler Pro 2.0 [k].zip   (download)
574.11 MB
  • Red Giant Complete Suite 2017 (12.2017) – Essential tools for color correction, finishing & looks. Footage prep & delivery tools.
Red Giant Complete Suite   (download)
1.45 GB

Red Giant Complete Suite 2017 Crack

  • VSCO Mobile Presets 02 3D LUTs (Win/macOS) – Assortment of 55 presets, including originals like Valence and bonus branded presets like.
VSCO MP2   (download)
4.50 MB
  • Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14.0.4 – Create 3D visual effects easily – The Industry-Standard Package for Motion Graphics Artists. All-new versions of Trapcode Particular and Form.
Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14.0.4 [sn].zip   (download)
617.86 MB
  • Neat Video Pro 3.1 for After Effects is a video noise reduction plug-in designed to reduce noise and grain in digital video sequences produced.
Neat Video Pro v3.1 for
25.00 MB
  • motionVFX – mFire 2K – 150 Organic Fire Elements for AE, Premiere and Final Cut Pro X – a set of 150 organic fire elements that can be used with any NLE or motion graphics app that has compositing modes available. Read more at Motionvfx.
motionVFX – mFire   (download)
8.87 GB
  • Kreativ Wedding LUTs Vol1 – Lookup Table or a LUT are a very quick way in colour grading your videos. These LUTs are used in many of films.   (download)
25.02 MB
  • BAO Mask Brush 1.9.10 – Apply custom brushes to mask paths in After Effects, in 3D space, with Motion Blur and Squash and Stretch. Read more…
Mask Brush v1 9 10   (download)
3.74 MB
  • BAO Mask Avenger 2.7.1 – Control mask vertices (and tangents) individually using a native plugin in After Effects. Read more at Aescripts.
Mask Avenger 2 7 1   (download)
5.90 MB
  • BAO Bones 1.5.2 – The easiest way to rig and animate in After Effects! Setup and animate with IK in as little as 3 clicks. Read more at Homepage.
BAO Bones 1 5 2   (download)
3.25 MB
  • Fractal Noise 3D 1.53 for After Effects – Create Fractal Noise in three dimensions! Very useful for integrating noise in 3D composites. It reacts to After Effects comp cameras and lights. Read more at  Aescripts.
Fractal Noise 3D   (download)
209.15 KB
  • Pixel Bender Accelerator 1.2.2 is a native After Effects plugin that runs Pixel Bender filters using the GPU of your video card. Read more…
Pixel Bender Accelerator v1.2.2 for Adobe After   (download)
475.68 KB
  • VideoCopilot Heat Distortion 1.0.30 is a plug-in that simulates realistic heat waves and distortion. Features advanced Noise options, wind and more.
VideoCopilot Heat Distortion v1.0.30 for After Effects [k].zip   (download)
901.17 KB
  • Crossphere Bokeh Plugin for After Effects – A Lens Blur plugin that allows full parametric control of Bokeh shape with beautiful tonal mapping. Read more at the Developer.
Crossphere Bokeh Plugin for   (download)
6.77 MB
  • Rowbyte Plexus 3.0.12 is a plug-in designed to bring generative art closer to a non-linear program like After Effects. Read more at the Developer.
Rowbyte Plexus 3.0.12 [k].zip   (download)
5.58 MB
  • Red Giant Trapcode Particular 3.0.2 for Adobe After Effects for Adobe After Effects – Create organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements. Read more at Redgiant.
Red Giant Trapcode Particular   (download)
617.73 MB
  • RocketStock – Aspect Minimal Graphic Elements for Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X – Give your video a clean look with 200 minimal graphic elements designed to add a professional touch to your project. Read more at Rocketstock.   (download)
1.22 GB
  • Koji Color: Film Color LUTs is highly accurate motion picture film color, developed by veterans of the film industry – Read more at Kojicolor.
Koji Color Film Color LUTs   (download)
57.25 MB
  • RocketStock – Corruption: 120 Distortion Elements in 4K For Premier Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X (Win/Mac) – Read more at Rocketstock.   (download)
6.78 GB
  • motionVFX mBlast – 79 organic Pre-Keyed composing explosion elements for Final Cut Pro X , Premiere Pro and After Effects – Read more at Motionvfx.
Total size: 37.74 GB

  • VSCO Film 03 LUTs for After Effects, Premiere, PS, Resolve and Final Cut Pro X – Instant Films features digital emulations of beautiful tones and magical tints. Classic and nostalgic, this highly-stylized collection recreates the looks of traditional instant films. Read more at vsco.
VSCO Film 03   (download)
2.61 MB
  • Tribe RedLeaf – V Elements Luts .3dl + .cube for After Effects, Premiere, PS, Resolve and FCPX (Win/Mac) – Read more at Triberedleaf.
Tribe RedLeaf – V Elements   (download)
1.26 MB
  • DEFlicker for After Effects 1.4.12 is designed to smooth out those annoying flicker and artifacts when shooting high frame rate. Read more at Revisionfx.
RevisionFX DEFlicker v1.4.12 MACOSX AMPED [sn].zip   (download)
15.34 MB
  • NeumannFilms – The DJI Inspire 1 LUTs are a collection of looks that will help bring your aerial videos to life – Read more at Neumannfilms.
The DJI Inspire 1   (download)
16.70 MB
  • Animation Creator – Animation Creator Toolbar to optimize the workflow. This toolbar allows you to quickly and easily animate your compositions
Animation Creator –   (download)
56.41 MB
  • Mocha Pro 5.2 Plugin for After Effects & Premiere – Mocha Pro 5.2 – Tracking and visual effects software. Key new features include: GPU accelerated tracking, new plug-in options, Read more
Imagineer.Systems.Mocha.Pro.Adobe.Plugin.v5.2.0.MACOSX-AMPED [p].zip   (download)
88.85 MB
  • VFX Box for After Effects – Package Includes 225 Overlays, 100 Color Luts, 50 Transitions, And More.
VFX Box   (download)
4.80 GB
  • Locus Pack + Fractal Rama for Element 3D – You will get Fractal Rama which is a collection of thirty 4K fractal stills for design and motion graphics. Read more
Locus Pack + Fractal Rama for Element   (download)
1.34 GB
  • After Effects Plugins – Collection 2017
After Effects Plugins Collection   (download)
235.08 MB

  • RevisionFX RE:Match 1.4.6 takes intuitive color and texture matching to a whole new level by addressing common problems on multicam and stereo shoots.   (download)
31.61 MB
  • Video Copilot Element 3D 2.2.2 Build 2155 for After Effects – lets you import and animate 3D models, even as an array of particles, and extrude text forms and mask in real time. Read more
Video Copilot Element 3D 2.2.2 Build   (download)
295.82 MB
  • RevisionFX DEFlicker for After Effects 1.4.12
RevisionFX DEFlicker v1.4.12 MACOSX AMPED [sn].zip   (download)
15.34 MB
  • motionVFX – mLUT Cinematic Pack – 30 Professional Cinematic 3D Luts (Win/Mac):
    motionVFX – mLut Cinematic   (download)
    4.19 MB
  • Vfxcentral Eye Of The Storm 4k Digital Storm Effects
Eye Of The   (download)
10.64 GB
  • Re:VisionFX DE:Noise for Mac After Effects v3.1.6 – DE:Noise handles spurious frame-to-frame defects ranging from fine digital/electronic noise to blotchy spots,… read more at revisionfx.
RevisionFX DENoise for Mac After Effects v3.1.6 .zip   (download)
19.51 MB
  • ReVisionFX RE:Lens for AE v1.2.4 – Easy corrections and conversions for common projections and lens distortions. Read more at Revisionfx.
RevisionFX.RELens.for.AE.v1.2.4.MACOSX.[Free download].zip   (download)
24.84 MB
  • RevisionFX RE:Match v1.4.6 for Mac After Effects   (download)
31.61 MB
  • FayTec FayIN GOLD 2.4.1 – Fully integrated plugin for Adobe After Effects. Camera tracking and digital content integration combined in one plugin
FayTec FayIN GOLD 2.4.1 for   (download)
110.88 MB
  • Videohive -Transitions Pack for After Effect 2017 – This project is perfect for: Any kinds of slideshow: minimal, clean, lovely, parallax, inspired, travel, quick slideshow, photo, scrolling, corporate, business, elegance, fashion, … For any kinds of video reel: Demo Reel, production reel, inspired, inspirational, sport promo, motivational, business opener, corporate presentation, epic, trailer, intro, stylish, quick, modern, minimal titles,… Read more at Videohive.
Videohive -Transitions Pack for After Effect   (download)
87.66 MB
  • Animation Creator For After Effects 2017
Animation Creator For After Effects 2017 (Win/Mac).zip   (download)
56.29 MB
  • FilmConvert Pro 2.39a for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro – Give Digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite film stocks. Read more at Filmconvert.
FilmConvertPro-AE-PP_v2.39a_[p].dmg   (download)
87.96 MB
  • AeScripts Plugins Collection for After Effects 07/2017
AeScripts Plugins Collection for After Effects   (download)
235.91 MB
  • FilmConvert Pro V2.39 for After Effects and Premiere Pro
FilmConvertPro-AE-PP_v2.39a_[Full Free]   (download)
87.95 MB
  • Red Giant Trapcode Particular 3.0 (Full version) for AE
Red Giant Trapcode Particular 3.0 for AE [free].zip   (download)
617.56 MB
  • Digital Film Tools Film Stocks 2.0v12.1 for Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, After Effect, Final Cut Pro, Motion 5,…
Digital Film Tools Film Stocks   (download)
63.07 MB
  • Digital Film Tools Rays v2.1v1 for Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, After Effect, Final Cut Pro, Motion 5,…
Digital Film Tools Rays   (download)
49.29 MB
  • Lens Distortions – Fog 4K for Final Cut Pro 10, Premiere and After Effects  – Authentic haze and atmosphere. Contains 20 clips. Each clip is between 10 – 20 seconds in length – Read more at Lensdistortions.
Lens Distortions – Fog   (download)
6.11 GB
  • Mettle FreeForm Pro 1.88 for After Effects – urn your After Effects layer into so much more: terrain, morphing organic shapes, an array of primitives, water simulation, character animation. Read more at Mettle.   (download)
33.97 MB
  • Paint & Stick – Draw directly in the comp window, in context of all your other layers with your custom and Photoshop brushes plus onion skinning.   (download)
19.48 MB