This post introduces a course of Lightroom Classic CC: Tips and Quick Fixes. Free and direct link download Lynda.

If you are struggling with diverse problems when using Lightroom Classic CC, this course will provide tips and quick fixes for you to overcome those issues. Richard Harrington will be your trainer during the course, who will be your side to point out specific problems then show you the solution to solve them. There will be many useful tricks shared to help you use this software more sufficiently.

What you will learn:

  • Upon completion, you will know how to size an image and fix perspective problems.
  • You will be able to customize an image if it is too bright or too dark
  • After the course, you will understand the way to remove haze and White-balancing a photo.
  • You will know how to change the color of an object.
  • And more


Course name Lightroom Classic CC: Tips and Quick Fixes
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duaration 1h 54m
Last updated: 2/13/2019



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