Download Udemy – InDesign CC 2019 MasterClass. The objective of this course is for teaching you on how to use InDesign similar to a creative professional.

Through it, you will learn all the best practices through working in InDesign such that you get the full confidence in creating your new work, you known which feature or tool to use and get short cuts to save you much time rather than the long way.

What you will learn?

  • You will study InDesign from scratch on using it like a professional.
  • Testing your knowledge through the use of quizzes after ever chapter.
  • Through the use of Exercise Files provided, practice on all that you have learnt.
  • Discover important keyboard best practices and shortcuts.
  • Get advanced automation techniques such as Data Merge and GREP.
  • Learn on working with Image and Text Frames.

The aim of this course is to teach you to use InDesign like a creative professional. Learn all of the best practises for working in InDesign so you feel 100% confident in creating new work, always know which tool or feature to use, and never waste time doing things the long way.


Last updated: 02/2019

Udemy – InDesign CC 2019 MasterClass
Part 1 (500 Mb) – Part 2  (500 Mb) – Part 3  (500 Mb) – Part 4  (500 Mb)– Part 5  (500 Mb)
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